3001: Global Consciousness

November 19, 2014

( Reading 05 – Unfinished Work – From Cyborg to Cognisphere )


The year is 3001. Mankind has left the face of the Earth and we now live around Earth. Our home is now The Circle. We became Post-Human once we left. Earth became post-human once we left.

Humans and their technology have always evolved simultaneously and parallel to each other. Introductions of tools to the man-ape forced her of the ground, to stand up. Her bone had to be carried around which made the horizon the backdrop of reality. The ground was no longer the field of vision. The bone forced a change in body posture, the bone forced a change in depth vision. These biological upgrades called for technological upgrades, creating an bio/techno evolutionary spiral growing exponentially out of control. The industrial evolution was a technological evolutionary step that eventually created the beings we are today. A Post-Human species living around our old home, the Earth. Pointing out a moment in time is maybe not possible as the same force of nature is behind everything; adapt or die. However, the creation of industry destroyed the environment humans had evolved for, forcing them to move out. Adapt. Industry was not only a force of evil. It lead to creations and discoveries that have had no less impact on what we are today. Steam – electricity – computation – computers – information. The internet was another watershed. A highly connected, all enclosing, information system twisted the idea about knowledge. The humans strongest tool of power. All knowledge was now within reach of your finger. Information was everywhere for everybody. A shift in thinking was needed. Being critical of the information thrown at you at all times was necessary. Blocking out information, targeting a line of thought, diving deeper into your mind, into your consciousness was crucial to staying alive. Today, all minds are connected directly. Our consciousness a merger between brain, mind, and computer, connected to the Global Network, an independent conscious being of its own, pondering the meaning of life.



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