Constructing a imaginary world

November 19, 2014

picCognisphere is the globally interconnected cognitive systems consisting of not only internet but also the programmable systems with wired or wireless data flow which humans are in-bedded in according to Tomas Whalen.

Haraway aswell describes the complexity and interconnection of humans and computers in one example where in the us the bush administration used programs without human activity to run through data when monitor the citizens arguing that they did n´t break the law of search and seizure. Haraway instead means that the information are created by humans and therefore humans and machines are the same.

Hayles refer to the line “situated knowledge” by Haraway that claims that the world cannot be understood in no other way then of subjectivity that precedes and grounds our objective accounts. According to Haraway our world, are the world we make both in literal and figurative senses and this type of thinking about constructions of reality also Thompson and Varela in their book “Why the mind isn´t in the head” writes about when they describe the related fields of brain science connected to the perception and subjectivity.

Hayles continues this in the “regime of computation” when describing the imaged world as the result of “the interlocking and continuing computations” aswell as she refers to Wolfram and Fredkin who see computation producing all physical reality.

Hayles writes about the progress and relation between human evolution and tools in history.

The subway are definitely a network more then a site, both in it´s physical place aswell as the cultural experience of being on it.

It´s the tool of moving forward. And it´s in our built environment a physical in between space where you are allowed to a virtual reality in your smart phone.

The physical impact of the cybernetic post human landscape in the network of moving are in the subway entirely virtual. It´s alienating citizens in the physical geo tag but embraces the rest of network. The subway is a communicated space in the cyberpunks posthuman landscape.

N. Katherine Hayles, “Unfinished work: From Cyborg to Cognispehere”

/ Frida Körberg Turhagen


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