The androgyn droid 3.0

November 26, 2014


Through the tools of information society a new democratic wave and development of communication in a global network are inherent.

In the text Sally Wyatt are referring to Bell where he makes a parallel to the importance of material in the industrialisation society and our information society. As Wyatt writes he argues that the rise of service employment and centrality of information processing would revitalize the economy and society and therefore as the material use in the former industrialized days now the education, entertainment and personal development would serve the new communicated times.

Throughout times the pessimism and optimism against new technology and new times have been differently ever since the late 60´s with the manifesto of Solana were both Solana and Firestone thought that the new technology could free and liberate the women from the biologically oppressed female body.

Thinking of the movement of our time, Wyatt refers to the writers like Castells, Plant and Turkle that argues for a more fluidity gender discussion throughout the information society and how people are able to blur the boundaries between male and female as well man and machine.

Webster describes the complexity of socio-economic changes of technology, economic, occupational, spatial and cultural. And claims that they are all dealing with the collecting, storing, processing and retrieving information. Going only to the auto biographical experience of the everyday in web 2.0 one exercise most of them several times a day.

The accessibility, tweeting, re tweeting, commenting and discussions are vital, not physically irl at the subway but inside the forums, articles, and social media´s via the computer. The space of the subway are as mentioned before a “in between space” where the possibility to play with identity´s are part of the open source movement we are in right now.

The furries, hybrids or anime avatars that all in some way still are dealing with the same stereotypes of gender because they are made up in the still heterogeneous society the future of web 3.0 lays in the androgynous characters. Were the machine and gender are transformed into the complete democratic individual society through the development of the al (artificial intelligence). And you get married to Asimo 3.0.

Sally Wyatt, Feminism, technology and the information society- Learning from the past, imaging the future

/ Frida Körberg


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