3001: GOD

December 10, 2014

Reading 06 – Feminism, Technology and the Information Society – learning from the Past, imagining the Future


The year is 3001. Mankind has left the face of the Earth and we now live around Earth. Our home is now The Circle. We became Post-Human once we left. Earth became post-human once we left.

We live at the dawn off a new age. Our existence has left the gravitational pull off the planet that mothered us. Now we live in a network that circumspheres Earth. As we are all directly a part of the Network the need for old fashion politics has vanished. Every thought of every individual at every moment is known. Hence, solutions and decisions are made almost simultaniously as a problem arrises. There is no need spending time studying the problem or building a consensus. The algorithms of the Network find evaluated middle-ground solutions to everything – even before people realize themselves what the particular problem is. The Network brings total control of everything in a way that satisfies everyone. In many ways these individual oppinions are unnessesairy. In fact these oppinions are nothing else than illusions, developed by the Network, to fool people to think that they still are in control. To think that the Network is their creation and the reason for their post-human existence. To some extent that holds true. Initially a interconnecting platform for sharing and developing knowledge the Network belonged to us all. Now we all belong to the Network. All individuals are now only small nodes, each brain a brain cell in the giant Network. Unknowingly we sacrifised our individual consciousness for the creation of the mega conscious Network. We surrendered our individuality in an evolutionary leap of faith with the hope of survival. As we are still alive we can now only hope we live meaningfull lifes and to accept the reason for our post-human existence. We power the Network – the only real Post-Human being.

Birkir Ingibjartsson


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