Karin Reisinger

August 31, 2016

Karin Reisinger is a postdoctoral researcher within Critical Studies in Architecture, KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm where she organizes the conference Architecture and Feminism: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies together with Hélène Frichot, and works on a collection of small-scale narratives of large-scale environmental transformations, based on methodologies of feminist political ecology and perceiving architectures as part of queer ecologies. After receiving architecture diploma from Vienna University of Technology she pursued cultural studies at the University of Vienna and completed her PhD at the Visual Culture Unit at Vienna University of Technology: Grass Without Roots_Towards Nature Becoming Spatial Practice which looks into alternative genealogies of nature preservation landscapes. Karin works as university lecturer at KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm and at Institute of Art and Design of Vienna UT, where she co-initiated the symposium In Transitional Landscapes (work reports), held 2015.


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