A story of the past – and the future

February 28, 2018

Ever since I walked through this forest for the first time, this abandoned treehouse attracts my attention every time I see it.
There is something mysterious and poetic about it, it’s telling a story about a time in the past.
Maybe twenty, maybe fifty years or even longer ago somebody built this house out of wooden boards, nails and a ladder. It was probably used for a while, maybe for kids to play, maybe just as a hiding place.
Then it was abandoned, left to rot and disappear back into the forest where it once came from.
The site is now in a state of transition, many parts of the wooden house are already broken and fallen down but the structure is still visible. Nature has started to take back the place that humans took over and used for their purposes.

This transition from the environment built by humans back to the environment given by nature is what strikes me most about this specific site and why I chose it as a place I want to take care of during this seminar course. It shows in a small scale what might happen to all man-made structures on this planet one day.
A lot of thoughts have been given to the possibilities of what earth might look like once humans have disappeared. One widespread opinion is that nature would take back our places fairly quickly.
Without human maintenance, many buildings would probably soon start to crack and nature would slowly start to take over again. Scientists agree that some human impacts like nuclear pollution might never be reversible. But all these thoughts are only speculations, we won’t be here to see the answer.
Will our traces ever vanish? And if so, how long will it take?


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