Site: Internet/Algorithmic Consciousness

February 28, 2018

What will come after the Anthropocene? Probably some hi-tech era, but how will that affect the relationship between humans and computers/robots when both are conscious?

A big difference between humans and computers has been that we have a consciousness; but that difference is already becoming blurrier as the development of advanced engineering is starting to peak.

During the 1950’s the Turing test was invented by the British mathematician Alan Turing, who was one of the pioneers under the early ages of computers. The test assumed that if you interact in a longer conversation that could include discussions, games or other social conventions with a computer and a human without knowing who is who, and after failed to tell which one was a computer, then you should treat the computer as it has a consciousness. It doesn’t prove anything, but it’s a social and legal convention.

Alan Turing was homosexual and in the UK that was illegal during that time. He was sentenced for homosexual actions 1952 and was forced to suffer a chemical castration. Two years later he committed suicide.

Turing knew by own experience that it didn’t matter who you really are – what mattered is what others think you are. According to Turing computers in the future would be like gay people were in the 1950’s. It doesn’t matter if computers have a consciousness or not, what matters is what humans think about it.

Today’s platform where humans and computers interact the most is the Internet and for that reason I choose Internet as the site to investigate. But it could develop into a more specific forum or website to narrow it down over time. It has been discussed for a long time how Internet gives people a non-physical space to act in and how that has altered our way of behaviour, but what happens if and when Internet itself becomes conscious?

Zakarias Samad


Harari, Yuval “Homo Deus – A brief history of tomorrow”

Random House, UK 2015

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