Brunkebergsåsen – Dust to Dust

March 1, 2018


From immense forces of a hundred thousand year icy cold drawing back was the esker or ridge Brunkebergsåsen created, constituted of 1.6 billion years old milled bedrock. Its violent birth placed it between Norrström and Brunnsviken in what is now Norrmalm in Stockholm.

Ever since has the ground it is standing on and also its source of content raised Brunkebergåsen higher and higher, up from and away from its creator, the water, first in the temperament of a hard and violent destroyer/creator, then in a free flowing temperament protecting in its depths its creation from the destroyers/creators of the land.

From immense forces of a settlement not even one thousand years old, with inhabitants whom from conspecifics of the south appears at times somewhat hard and cold, Brunkebergsåsen has now been nearly destroyed.

Would it be best to let the water care for it in its protective depths again? Or can the temperament of the present destroyer/creator be warmer and caring?


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