SECTOR 5, the CLOUD & what remains of Humankind

March 1, 2018


Walking down the Beach on a sunny Sunday, looking into the endless abyss of the grid, I start to wonder how amazing it is that only 30 minutes ago I was in the ice-capped peaks of snowhereland [Sector 6]. This is something that you take for granted in the Cloud; but since the world as we knew it is no longer a place for humankind [Except the few colonies underground who keep the Clouds up and running], we had no choice but to upload our consciousness, and this has become our existence.

Enough about the past and let’s look to the future, a future which is ours for the taking, choosing and changing. We have every opportunity to make the world we want now.

The cloud is made up of 12 Sectors, spread across a vast grid of possibility, all interconnected by a single web. I am rendered in Sector 5. We are by far regarded as the most alternative way of existence when compared to life as we knew it; I mean our ground is 3D printed daily and robots mine the land for data.

Maybe something which is rendered from human thought and the way we all believed the world had to be in order to sustain us. We have no purpose to mine in a virtual existence, but yet this still seems to be our human nature.

Sector 5 is made of smaller compartments which all contain one Black box to use at your disposal. Live, play, work, whatever you want, this box can be scaled to your needs. I don’t know why, maybe human nature again, but I decided to make a cactus forest for my box, they seem to be doing okay…

*The Cloud and Sector 5 are lenses of speculation which will be populated by my daily activities with a focus on my surroundings, interactions and happenings in various aspects of the world around me; be that weather, politics, pop culture, etc. It will hopefully allow for a light-hearted narrative addressing very serious [and some not so serious] issues in the Anthropocene.

Miguel Santos Carvalho


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