Sofo’r Pets – The small animals room

March 1, 2018

Where Folkkungagatan and Östgötagatan crosses, there is a pet store called Sofo’r Pets. As the name reveal, its located in the area Sofo, between an art store and a post office.

The store is very busy with costumers, considering it’s a weekday after lunch. If you pass the cashier to the right, the interior decorations for small birds, the fridges with dog food, the animal scale and the cat toys, you reach the ”Small animals room” at the end of the store. A sign on the door clearly says: no scooters, no baby stroller and no dogs or cats are allowed in here. Carefully I push open the sliding door.

Small glass cages covers one of the walls. On the other side of the glass very small animals are sleeping, eating and exercising. If you get eye contact with one of them, they look back at you with a bored and unemotional look in their eyes. Is there feelings behind those eyes?

For a moment I try to estimate their habitat. If I lived like these hamsters – how many square meters would my world exist of? 80? I feel tempted to free them from their prison but they would probably freeze to death in the snowy Södermalm outside. I don’t know the hamsters native country, but its probably not Sweden.

Small notes on every glass window tell the costumer when the animal is born, if the fur is Siberian or white, if it’s a boy or a girl. A boy hamster born the 3/1 must have been sold recently, since his birthday is crossed out with a pencil.

The small animals are lined up and organized in a primary way. Males to the left, females to the right. Some people who enter ”The small animals room” would find them cute. Maybe they’d buy one, probably the one with white fur and black bottomless eyes because they’re the cutest (265 SEK). They buy a cage (600 SEK). They buy a little wooden house (65 SEK, on sale). They would put the hamster, the cage and the wooden house in their childrens bedroom, tell them to treat this little animal very nicely (actually it’s a good practice in responsibility and care, some parents say).

A few weeks passes and when the first excitement goes away, the little animal is all alone. Of course it will be provided food and water (I mean, people are not cruel) but after a while that’s it. They’d become another thing on the to do-list: clean the hamster cage, buy hamster food. Make sure someone look after it when you go on holiday. The entertainment is gone, so what’s left?

Mica E

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