Mälarhöjdsbadet, Bredäng

March 5, 2018


In the woods of Sätra preserve, by the water Mälaren, there is a small bathing place that is called Mälarhöjdsbadet. Here people gather, especially on the summer, bathing, playing and barbequeing. There are two small beaches, one bathing platform with a diving tower, several fire places, a small building with toilets, a volleyball pitch, a playground and an outdoor gym. The site slopes down to the water. And in the middle, there is standing an enormous power line, with a three to four meter high foundation.

I wonder how old this bathing place is? Has this shoreline always been used as a beach? The water seems constant and unchanged, even though I know how that the water line also changes.

And then the fireplaces – this ancient human activity, that is now part of humans leisure and play. The gym is made of wood and have a rough design, just like it has been cut of from the trees around. I wonder how a person from another time would interpret the outdoor gym? Or is it a very old invention? Maybe already the ancient greeks had outdoor gyms!

This place is like a camouflage. It tries to be part of the nature that surrounds it. But one thing clearly breaks the illusion. The power line. And I guess that is why people are disturbed by it, and wants it to be moved.

Finally, the name Mälarhöjdsbadet, stands out in the distinct border and segregation between Mälarhöjden and Bredäng. Though it is geographically situated in Bredäng, this nice water path is part of Mälarhöjden, by its name.

Andrea Bodelson


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