The outdoor gym

March 5, 2018

I am often tired when I visit this place. I go out and run, and then I stop by the outdoor gym. It is mostly men and boys there. We all do our best, to get tired. Separate, but also, together.

From the gym you have a good view. You watch the people, families and children playing on the beach, the birds in the water, the boats passing by.   

Deleuze writes exhaustion is not the same as being tired. Tiredness is physically and realizable, but exhaustion is the end of the possible. You lay down when you are tired, but when when you are exhausted you sit, crouching your back and leaning your head in your hands.

The space, the things are tired, but are they exhausted?   Deleuze writes further exhaustion is combinatorial, and that combinatorial is the art of exhausting the possible, through inclusive conjunctions. How is the water? Can we see, feel its mood? The water is hiding. How is the water bottom, and the sand?  Are there any animals here except the ducks? By the path there is signs informing about the small animals hiding in the woods, and some days I have seen fresh traces from beaver.  Everything here is made crude so that it can bear the weather. But things start to be worn out and now the commune is renovating the playground.

Is the power line our symbol for exhaustion? We are scared by all the information that is transported, images and words that move faster than we can grasp. Is this the peek of the combinatorial?  Are we touching the art of exhausting the possible?

Andrea Bodelson


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