Decay and Recovery

March 6, 2018


Under the load of heavy snow that fell in the last days, another piece of wood shattered from the abandoned tree house in the forest behind my house. The ladder hasn’t been able to serve its purpose for a long time now, today it’s not even visible anymore if you don’t pay close attention.
I’ve been to this place so often, it didn’t take me long to point my site out between all the trees. The roof is still easy to spot, it’s the only horizontal structure in between the vertical appearance of the forest. It’s a beautiful scene, the snow makes the rotting house that’s attached to an old conifer blend in between the other trees. Nature gives a preview of what it is going to do with the man-made interference. One day the whole construction will disappear and fall back into nature where it once derived from. A treehouse can’t exist without a tree, but nature doesn’t need the intervention and will continue to fight against it.
The two can coexist, but only as long as the attached structure is maintained. Now, after years of being abandoned, it is in a state of disrepair. It’s decaying and will never recover.
Nature, on the contrary, is always able to heal. It might have been exhausted once, but it has a way to fix itself. It doesn’t need a human intervention. Some nails and other non-organic pieces might remain, stuck in the tree that will probably grow around it in a few years. But it will come back to the state it once was.
All it takes is time.




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