SECTOR 5: Objects & Artefacts

March 6, 2018

Its been a busy two weeks in Sector 5, imaginations flourishing and the constant development of new ornaments to enchant our imaginations.

“The eye is geared to spectacle as much as speculation, with speculation itself being both productively expansive in its capacity to imagine virtual futures and restrictively deadening in its tendency to forget the very life from which it emerges.” 1

As I had mentioned already, this post human existence is still fascinated with human ideals and ways of doing things. We spend our days with Robots digging or CNC’s milling the Grid to uncover objects or artefacts that are printed from our imagination.

Why do we need these objects or artefacts? We don’t, but I feel we are so drawn to having what we want, when we want it, that we don’t really consider the necessity of it.

Sector 5 started as a vast grid of nothingness, so clean and sterile, some would say ‘natural’. I guess we have a freedom here with no consequence; Or do we? Was this the same thought we had as Human entities on Earth? Did we think we would ever be able to exhaust it of its resources?

We don’t know a whole lot about the Cloud, but what’s unknown is what should make us aware of our surroundings and be conscious about all the decisions we make; We may run out of storage and the whole cloud could crash. What will happen to us then? Will we get a third chance at respecting and taking care of our surroundings?

All of these questions have been dawning on me lately; Shouldn’t we have learnt from what happened on Earth? Will we Exhaust this environment as well, or will we just exhaust our imaginations?


  1. Colebrook, Claire. ‘Introduction’ in Claire Colebrook, Death of the PostHuman: Essays on Extinction, vol. 1. Ann Arbor: Open Humanities Press, University of Michigan Library, 2014.

Miguel Santos Carvalho


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