Something Else

March 6, 2018

Not much else has been written about Valur’s ventures. He might still go to the Blue Lagoon, monitoring how the place changes, expands. New restaurants open, hotels open, new out door changing rooms, new showers get installed, lines get longer, prices get higher, new deluxe packages, new beauty products. More guests, more new guests. Water keeps flowing from the power plant and the lagoon gets bigger, drowns more land. Possibly more roads get built, more parking space is added. Bus stops. Possibly some walking trails through the lava. Outdoor toilets. The lagoon which people first where afraid of and doctors advised against bating in has become one of the nations finest attractions. Everyone is proud of it. It is no longer a “dirt puddle” it’s a healing relaxing experience in nature. It is hardly a natural disaster it is one of the 25 wonders of the world.1

I wonder, when we have exhausted the resources of this site, when we can’t drill any further for water and steam, what will happen to this site. Do we have an obligations to it? Should we clean up, restore the nature that was before? Or do we consider it nature already or something else?

Memories are easily forgotten. After the power plant the Blue lagoon will most likely be forgotten, at least people will stop going there for the same experience. Maybe all the water will sink back into the ground. Who knows what kind of creatures will inhabit the sight in the future. Since the water is so rich in minerals it is likely that some other creatures will thrive in that new environment amongst the black lava and the readapted moss. A new ecosystem might be created.

Sindri Siguðsson

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