No-place. On present (idea and mapping)

March 7, 2018



Humans have become the dominant force driving earth changes, an age called The Anthropocene – evidence for the Anthropocene ranges from worldwide population booms to the expansive transformation of the landscape. 75% of earth’s land surface outside of ice sheets is managed by humans – human modification of the landscape, from which 40% is used for agriculture – as population has increased, demand for food had skyrocketed. 50% of planet forest have been lost. 1

Cities are losing boundaries, water is becoming a constructional site, even the space around the planet belongs to humans and is changed by human (a cloud of satellites around the globe).

During the seminar course I would like to explore current topic using comic book as an expression for story-telling of a simulation of possible future habitat.


The perfection is not only imaginary but also impossible (meaning of Utopia, literally – “not place”). The story itself could become a place where we can create a city without boundary, twenty-kilometer-high tower or even space without gravity could become truth. The imagination itself is an upstream process towards making impossible or fake become real.


Personal environment could be defined by human and his belonging, movement in a certain location and on certain time. Rest of the inhabited space usually is not used for some time. Speculating on these arguments the habitat itself could become a variable which could increase or decrease in volume, shape based on habitant demands or any other conditions, for example changes in temperature etc. If we subdivide the volume into a point cloud which could relate to a maximum or minimum distance between person, his belongings and membrane the space would have to change.

As the main human demands I would like to analyze: work, cleanness, rest/sleep.

No – place, no gravity

What if each side of a building could be wall, floor, ceiling? What if whole city could plug-in and plug-out?

Our (human) rituals

Our customs, costumes, habits, habitations, manners are abstractions that make up civilization. Ritual is becoming history of what have been decided as beautiful in exact time in exact place.

What is our (human) rituals?


Yesterday’s extreme is tomorrow status quo. Culture – product of ongoing augmentations to the zenith of the previous generation. Nothing is really original – nor can it remain extreme.

1 source:

 As inspiration for a project:

  • Cloud Atlas (2012) by Tom Tykwer, Lana Wachowski
  • Citizens of no place, an architectural graphic novel by Jimenez Lai (image)
  • Daniel Kohler, The mereological city: a reading of the works of Ludwig Hilberseimer (relation between the part and the whole)

Examples of chosen site (planet) exhaustion (all images from:



 Olga Voisnis




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