02_Don’t forget to thank the forest

March 15, 2018

The human being is dependent on natural ressources and won’t hesitate arming our planet to get them. Can’t you see the paradoxe? Breathe we said. And while you breathe, continue chopping trees, extracting oil, emitting toxic gaz…

The Congo basin hosts the second biggest rainforest in the world, one of the most threatened ecosystems. It contains an impressive flora and is one of the origin places for the spider plant, which I mentioned in my introduction.

Wood, oil, diamonds, coltan, gold, the global demand for these materials is constantly increasing. The deforestation has gone completely out of control. This massive issue has been attributed to illegal commercial lugging activities. By opening new roads deeper and deeper into the forest, men are given the possibility to spread. They reach new areas of the forest and extend the disaster. Most of the actors come from the outside but today, 75 million people are settled in the Congo bassin and rely on the forest as a supply for subsistence and raw materials. This dependence creates a constant pressure, increasing with the population. We are facing here a complexe phenomenon of exhaustion. This region in known to be one of the poorest place. Some of those 75 million people live a daily struggle to provide themselves with a decent life. But by using the ressources they have, they are driving this huge rainforest towards exhaustion. Could we say then, that men have taken so much power over nature, that both can’t cohabite in a stable balance? But aren’t we nature as well? By exhausting this rainforest for our own good, are we exhausting our own specie.

Rainforests cover 6% of land on earth but produce 40% of our oxygen. If we don’t find a way to reduce deforestation, the Congo rainforest could be gone within 40 years. This spiral of exhaustion has oxygen in its center. So breathe, breathe consciously, and don’t forget to thank the forest.


Romane Nanchen










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