20180307 – Design Research

March 28, 2018

One topic or reference that seemed to be used in all of the lectures was Donna Haraway’s “Situated Knowledge”. Helen Runting for example spoke about her own background where as she comes from Australia and how that background is important to her work. In a very fun way Brady Burroughs also used Haraways theory quite literally in her work which for me showed a very interesting way to apply Haraways theory to practise.

I have been introduced to Haraways theories in me studies before and I  think she makes an important point that would be nice to incorporate or at least acknowledge in my thesis next year.  For example I think it is important for me to acknowledge the fact that I myself am a white heterosexual man in my twenties with the privilege of being able to study abroad. I have seen that when working on research it’s way to easy to gather sources that only include men, usually white middle aged men, and if I do I can hardly say that my work is unbiased.

I found one statement by Runting quite beautiful but also intriguing where she pointed out that theory is a collective work and she doesn’t know why we put our names on anything anymore – our work is never only our work but a collective work of different situated knowledges.


Sindri Sigurðsson


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