Brunkebergsåsen – Image to Thing

March 28, 2018

“He sings about a new brand of hero, just in time for the neoliberal revolution.”

“Yet Bowie’s hero is no longer a subject, but an object: a thing, an image,(…)”

“(…)if identification is to go anywhere, it has to be with this material aspect of the image, with the image as thing, not as representation. And then it perhaps ceases to be identification, and instead becomes participation.”

– Steyerl, Hito. ‘A Thing Like You and Me’ in e-flux Journal #15 April 2010


Image caption:

”Sky high levels of radon in the Royal Palace.”1 ”(…) at home at Victoria – could be dangerous for health.”2 ”Pipes from Brunkebergsåsen will cool and heat the building.”3 “(…)Thule is situated deep down in Brunkebergsåsen.”4  “It is here the couple Rikard Persson and Tom Mårtenson has there elegant and cozy attic flat.” 5 (…) since last autumn it has been rebuilt to now again become one of the city’s most attractive meeting spot.” 6




1 Skyhöga radonhalter på kungliga slottet

2 Radon hemma hos Victoria – kan vara farligt för hälsan

3 Brunkebergsåsen ska kyla fastigheter

4 Här är Bahnhofs nya superhall

5 En uppvisning i inramning

6 Nya mötesplatsen Brunkebergstorg invigd


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