SECTOR 5: The Flux of things

March 28, 2018

It has been a touch more tranquil in Sector 5 the past few days. Not a lot of activity, the printing, digging and milling has seemed to take a break.

It has been a well needed change of pace, until I noticed there was something wrong with one of my cacti. After closer inspection I realised its pixels were starting to degrade and disappear.

“The thing Itself is not.” 1

This made me start to think about all of what we have created in here, will it exist here with us forever, or will it become something else; Do we only perceive these things as they are here and now because this is what we want and desire?

“The thing is the point of intersection of space and time.” 1

Grosz Continues:

“It inscribes a specific duration and concrete boundaries within the broad outlines of temporal or flow and spatial mapping.” 1

As I have mention previously, what happens to the traces that we leave here, what are these traces actually the matter of? Is there a closed system in flux with a fixed amount of storage? Or will we run out and make the Cloud crash?

“We find the thing in the world as our resource from making things, and in the process, for leaving our trace on things.”

Do we had the ability to reuse and re-adapt all that is in here, instead of generating more and more artefacts and objects? Can this reuse help us to understand why we create things in the first place? Also what these things were, are and are going to become, both as part and whole?

“The thing is a certain carving out of the real, the (artificial or arbitrary) division of the real into entities, bounded and contained systems, that in fact only exist as open systems within the real.”

“…The recomposition of the whole through its decomposition into pixel-like units”.


  1. Grosz, Elizabeth. ‘The Thing’ in Elizabeth Grosz, Architecture from the Outside: Essays on Virtual and Real Space, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2001.

Miguel Santos Carvalho


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