March 29, 2018

“They are understood as nodes, in which the tensions of a historical moment materialize in a flash of awareness or twist grotesquely into the commodity fetish. In this perspective, a thing is never just an object, but a fossil in which a constellation of forces are petrified. Things are never just inert objects, passive items, or lifeless shucks, but consist of tensions, forces, hidden powers, all being constantly exchanged.”

How did the take away-coffee-cup-lid fragment end up on Kanaanbadet beach? What experiences does it harbor within itself? At some point lift off from the tower of infinite other lids and pressed onto a paper cup. Its form is used by human for no more than 30 minutes before being considered trash – and ending up more specifically as beach trash. And where are the other fragments from the complete lid?

Bought at a gas station, thrown out the window, crushed to pieces by passing cars, flushed down a street inlet and into Mälaren, washed up on shore.


Bought at the nearby café, balanced not careful enough on its way to the shoreline, taken off the paper cup as it is dripping with coffee and no longer doing its job, put in the sand to be forgotten. Crushed and buried by racing feet.


After spending years and years on the bottom of Mälaren, being brittle enough to be crushed by small stones, a bite from a sea creature or seagull, is finally washed up on shore and forgotten until swim season when someone might put it in a trashcan.

“The field of forensics can be understood as the torture of objects, which are expected to tell all, just as when humans are interrogated.”


Kajsa Larsson

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