Follow your friend

April 4, 2018

What defines design research? It’s an interesting and important question.  

Helène Frichot refers to Jane Rendell who defines it as a practise-led research, a trans-disciplinary work and most importantly where the whole formula is flipped around. You start with the research and then you pose the question, rather than the opposite where you start with a hypothesis. I found this very crucial and familiar with my own creative process.

The process is iterative, so therefore you should rely on yourself, your interest and knowledge. Your friend is the material, so follow your friend and see where it leads you. In my own experience this requires a great trust and confident in yourself. To be both open and sure, on the same time.

Other basic but crucial tips are to ask yourself : what’s on stake? What is really important for me, and others? Dare thinking the impossible, and be provoking. This is your chance, says Helen Runting.

Runting presented theory in different ways, and one was urgency. As I understood it, you should be aware that we are living this time, with our lived time, bodies and real images. The last one was theory as design, where she referred to Kate Nesbitt who says produce a void – what is not there. Its fairly abstract, but still I found it as something to hold on to for the thesis.

Seminar thesis booklet 7/3-18

/Andrea Bodelsson

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