Steel matter sand matter wood

April 4, 2018



Matter has its own form. So what is that form? The power line. Where does the steel come from? From Stora Kopparberg in Bergslagen, before it closed in the 70’s?

After many years of discussing the commune is planning to move the power line, since the high power is harmful for the human, and now they want to build more housing in the area. Therefore it will probably be disassembled. Where will it go? Will the steel be put back to the place where it belongs? Will it be recycled? To recycle steel is common, since it is easy, and doesn’t need as much energy as to make new steel. Either in Luleå or Oxelösund. There they categorize steel as following:

11     Prima styckeskrot

117   Fragmenterat skrot

12     Sekunda styckeskrot

142   Prima järnvägsskrot

31     Prima löst tunnplåtsskrot

32     Prima pressat tunnplåtsskrot

622   Kopparlegerat styckeskrot


If we look down from the power line, we see sand. Is it original? I mean, does it come from this site, this water, this lake? Or has it been transported here, from for example Bro outside Stockholm? Sand is a granular material of rock and mineral particles. The most common is silica and calcium carbonate, which from the beginning has been created by various forms of life, like coral and shellfish.  

So sand is actually a non-renewable resource, and today it is very useful for making concrete.

Standing on the ground, I look around and see different things in wood. The wood could come from many places in Sweden, the closest lies in Sörmland and Uppland. There are a few big companies in Sweden, the biggest is called Sveaskog. There is also four cooperative associations, the closest one is called Mellanskog (betweenforest).

The swedish forest industry has been criticised by many environmental organisations for creating clear cuts. Building in wood is increasing and we see it as sustainable, even though the industry clearly isn’t.


/Andrea Bodelsson


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