Wholesome Propaganda

April 4, 2018

What will humans do when many of the jobs we know about today will be replaced by computer algorithms? Jobs like telemarketer, insurance agent, stockbroker, cashier, chefs, waiter, legal assistance, bus driver, construction worker, security guard, carpenter and so on1. It will for sure come up new types of jobs in the coming 20 years but the crucial thing will be to find jobs and activities that humans are better at than algorithms. When an artificial super intelligence understands that humans are otiose it could decide to eliminate humanity in fear of that we will pull the plug before they take over the planet.

It could start with a quite sympathetically goal as a company that construct an AI with the task to calculate pi. Before we know about it the AI takes over the planet and obliterates humankind, then starts a conquest over the galaxy and transform the universe that we know of to a gigantic super computer that in millions of years calculate pi increasingly exact. Because that was the task it got from its creator.

A suitable place for increasing our human qualities would be in the education sector, where subjects as emotional intelligence for example could provide people to cope in a future world where things are changing faster and faster. But it could also be a smaller and more local site than the school system, a place that would reach several people.

The metro system is a perfect platform. Lots of people use it everyday and while passing through the city, a message can easily be seen. A subway usually contains a place to sit if you are lucky, maps and information about the public transport system and advertising. Very much advertising. All the adds are designed out of images, images as a thing that includes economics, fabrication, dreams and desires. How would it be if all the commercial signboards where replaced with something else that could get people to think of something more fulfilling than sales and gadgets?


Zakarias Samad

1 The Future of Employment, Oxford University Programme (2013) Carl Benedict Frey and Michael A. Osborne


The Thing Itself, Duke University Press (2006) Arjun Appadurai

The Thing, in Architecture from the Outside: Essays on Virtual and Real Space, Cambridge, MIT Press (2001) Elizabeth Grosz



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