No-place. On future

April 11, 2018

On present

Mapping the human impact on earth:

  • People inhabit
  • Land surface managed by humans
  • Land area used for agriculture
  • World‘s forests
  • Extinction rates
  • Protected areas

*Missing graphic information: deepest and highest buildings; mapping the constructional sites on the planet‘s water, mapping the objects around the planet (satellites etc.)

Regarding to maps rise the questions and create speculation of (im)possible future:

  • How wide?
  • How far?
  • How deep?
  • What is the limit for density?
  • How many layers?

On future – conversations with developers or m2 = $2

  • Water as constructional site?
  • When we will reach the stratosphere?
  • How about the solar system?

Main actor in the story

Human – main input

Variables – size (noifert), habits/activities (eat, sleep, work, excrete), time (hour, day, month, year)

On proposal:

Point clouds and distorted grids for future urban development outside the planet boundary.



Inspirational drawing by Lebbeus Woods



Mapping people inhabit


Mapping land surface managed by humans


Mapping land area used for aggriculture


Mapping world’s forests


Mapping extinction


Mapping protected areas


On future: water as constructional site


On future: reaching the stratosphere


On future: reaching the stratosphere


On future: how far?


Inspirational books: 

The Blame!

Jimenez Lai Citizens of No Place An architectural Graphic Novel


Olga Voisnis


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