The Ground Dwellers

April 19, 2018



A curious meeting took place about twenty years ago, between two actants. Behind a power plant in the middle of a lava field a cyan coloured lagoon started to form. Not much of interest to anyone at first, except to Valur. For some curious reason unknown to us he decides to enjoy the warmth of the water in the company of nature, most likely on a sunny day. This was not a popular idea at the time, in most people’s eyes he would be swimming in dirt.  

Most likely with a swimsuit on, since all the power plant workers were watching him, he took a dive into the water. The water was warm, sometimes too warm. He notices that on the bottom of the water there was mud. The mud was white, soft and kind of smelly.

This would have been his first meeting with the cure of his illness. Suffering from Psoriasis Valur would come back again to realise the beneficial effects the water had on his skin. Covering his body with the white mud, so that it took the shape of his face and arms, would later become the attractive image that would bring people in the thousands to do the same.

This would be the profitable work of the Cyan ground dwellers. Brought to the surface of the ground through the power plant, clogging up the lava and later becoming a new member of the bacteria family.



Sindri Sigurðsson


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