04. A different Truth

April 24, 2018



How is the design research affecting our work? What is the importance of a preposition within a design research project?  Being conscious about the opportunities that lays within how we think about, observe and follow through our design research can be very important for the impact of the project.

In her lecture, Helen Running is giving light to the importance of articulating the hypothesis. Actively raising questions such as; who are we designing for and how do we observe it? Are there possible impacts?

It is important in research to understand that you are making it from a certain point of view which impacts the outcome of that research. Your positioning in the research is therefore important in the way that the story is told and what you are revealing. How is our research adding to a body of understanding? In this it can be important to strive to cover a ‘void’ in research. Or to produce a ‘void’. By doing so you are seeking not only to backup a theory, but trying to reveal a new point of view. A new angle to a questing.

Through the lense of anthropocene and feminism, we start to understand what that angle and state of study is. We are looking at a specific site in which the humans have made an impact on it’s state. By closely recording and caring for that specific site we create a body of research, not necessarily given an end result, but rather exploring an alternative understanding of that site and context. A new understanding through the method of design research.

This storybook is an attempt to position the research through closely taking care of London as a site of anthropomorphic evidence. By caring for this site I attempt to define a ‘void’ of research and understand the lives of the urban foxes in London from a different angle. By understanding how we veiw them and from a human point of view, I wish to give a different angle and a shift in discussion through imagening the foxes veiw into the urban lives they live. This will hopefully also bring light onto how  human’s urban living effect wildlife in general. By research results in a story about the foxes of London, told from a alternative point of view.


Rikke Henriksen Winther


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