6. Surely, this is the end

April 25, 2018

01_site_empty-01Is this the abolishment of floral goods and blooming seasons?
Decaying trees, falling branches, transforming leaves into shrub.
Is it the end of the worm and prospective endeavours?
Suffocated, neglected, terminated.
What creature would exchange reason for treason?

Where are the winged ones, pollinating, remaining containing?
Capable of transforming exhaustion to excitement,
Creating hospitable and habitable ecologies for human and non-human,
We should be grateful to bees.

Is it a creature of double, quadruple- or octagonal limbs,
detangling, unfolding this web-like world?
Agents turned into agencies, creatures morphed into creations,
Destroyer of hives, surely this is the creature,
Destruction of worlds, destroyer of self.

Is this the fore comings of the underworld?
Soiled, spoiled, decoyed
Spoiler of worlds, spoiler of soils
Eventually, everything will soon cease to grow

What’s left?
Gyneocracies transcended into history,
Traces of co-existence evidently deployed.
Production turned into trash,
Trash permanently tattooing the earth

Is this the abolishment of terrapolis, of self?
Decaying, paying, overwhelming.
Surely, this must be the end.

Antonia Myleus


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