A Letter to The Humans

April 25, 2018


I can still remember the times before you, before you came and changed everything, before you came and altered my composition, before you came and took away all that I held dearest. I had a much greater family back then, I also had a lot more friends that I accommodated both underneath and on top of my surface, and specifically I did not contain or provoke lethal deaths to those I cherished the most. I can admit that there were times when I grew tired of the large family of plankton that from time to time, especially in the summer, grew several hundred times the amount they were before. I can also admit that I was not always thrilled when my family, through their channels, got rid of their residual water to me. 

But they were good times. I could restrict the growth of the Plankton family since I housed a lot of fish that could eat the overpopulation. I could also feed and protect my inhabiting species with the underwater plants on my floor. The healthy growth of the underwater species could then give food to my surface living creatures that in their hand could nourish the water.

This is a lot more than I can say today. Because of you I cannot hold an even level of residents. Because of your need to build along my waterfront and because of you’re inflicting outlets into me my water have become pollutant. The only friends that can bear with my change of properties are the Plankton. Many of the others have either left or died due to the consequences. Many of my friends have died due to the Algal blooms and the oxygen deficiency they cause at my floor. Many of my friends have died due to starvation. And last but not least because of you my family are growing smaller. Due to your exploitation you have decided that the spaces some of my family members prospered in were for you to claim. You have then altered the ground for your own pleasing and drained some of my family. 

I can still remember the times before you, before you had to manipulate the ecosystem to function, before you had to alter my composition of species, before you had to replace what you once took away from me. 


Felicia Svensson


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