No-place. Conversation between another species

April 25, 2018

„ Our customs, costumes, habits, habitations and manners are abstractions that make up civilization.“

  • Who they are?


  • They are earthlings, so called humankind. And the problem is that they are suffering from the lack of space on planet. We came to propose the perfect dwelling for each individual at the same time to plan the future urban development.


  • Bob is a perfect example and his appearance could tell us so much to start the project. He is statistic example of a man as universal standart for every project one could design. The measurments of their bodies varies only a little from each other, so we should take it as core for a dwelling dimensions and variables in x,y,z. At the same time they have quite common activities with postures they are performing them: to sleep, to eat, to work and to excrete – the data from these rituals helps us a lot to make a proposal which will suite them.


  • We can abstract so many patterns from their behavior! And also look at these ergonomic instincs! So interesting… Also timetables, schedules and repetitions – there is a certain model they are living and it is similar for the all kind.


  • Yes, I see. Gonna be an interesting project, so let‘s start our architectural proposal.No-place-draft-21No-place-draft-22No-place-draft-23No-place-draft-24

Olga Voisnis

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