No-place. On conlusion

April 25, 2018

No-place is a story speculating the idea about the future urban development. This story book is divided into two main parts: on present and on future.

Graphic material in the chapter “on present” represents human impact on planet earth, consisting mapping of people inhabitat, earth’s land surface outside of ice sheets managed by humans, land area used for agriculture, loss of world’s forests, extinction rates and world’s protected land area. All these maps are necessary for understanding the new epoch of human impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems – anthropocene.

At the same time being a human, an architect I suggest a critical overview of architecture and architectural actions related to the anthropocene epoch. Where in other words “Capitalocene” means reconsidering the constructional sites of the planet – where not only land becomes a constructional site but at the same time human kind is occupying water and space round the planet.

And here is a slight shift from the present to the future. Using comics and irony I would like to rise such questions:

How wide one can go?

How far one can go?

How deep one can go?

How dense it all could become?

The second part of the storybook “on future” suggest to look into the human kind and a man itself from the point of view, for example, another species – an alien. How could one perceive and analyze the man:the universal standart for creating architecture and building, urban environment. What variables, what features, what activities and other data as input for creating the future outside the planet earth it would define? And also how would look the possible future, where the possible future will take place? Is the any place or there is no-place?


Image by Lebbeus Woods

Olga Voisnis


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