Anthropocene Vortex

April 27, 2018

Anthropocene Vortex

This collection is a result of the course “Anthropocene Feminisms: Architecture and Gender” and my way to try and process the concept of the Anthropocene. The Pacific Trash Vortex, this complex network, serves as a vessel for this investigation. With all its swirling and turning, repurposing and revolving, violence and innocence — it gave me some of those attributes in return.

Along the way I found that no one really seemed to cared about the Vortex itself (or any of its ecologically disastrous siblings). We care about humans, about giant turtles, about plankton, about seaweed, about jugs, and maybe even about bottle caps — and in extension the Vortex falls within care as to care for others. But then, who cares for the Vortex itself, for the Despised Thing?

Anton Lindström


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