Response to an open lecture by Isabelle Doucet and Alessandro Armando

May 4, 2018

Activist Tools for situated architectures by Isabelle Doucet

Currently, there are lots of architects speaking about the interdisciplinarity in architecture. The same process we could see between novelties happening in the field of architecture: computational design, where IT, physics, chemistry or biology are combined with the architecture. On the one hand, bringing and combining different fields/subjects strengthens architecture, making it not only the subject of “art” but making it the “subject pf science”. There could be quite long discussion about the architecture – is it the subject of art or is it subject of craft?
In my opinion, when different fields are merged together (especially, when we are taking about the architecture as simply an form of art or craft) it opens up new possible discoveries, for example: on materiality, on material behaviour etc.
The projects I. Doucet was presenting was unknown and interesting, showing the beginning of “switching” thinking in the subject of architecture from traditional perception into more controvercial and multidisciplinary field.

Five problems on the politics of design practice Alessandro Armando

The idea of re-thinking design process and the sequence of actions in the process was an interesting point of view brought up during the lecture. At the same time I slightly disagree with an presented idea that due to the mediators between an architect and final design are uncontrolled. I would rather think that there are some intuitive/generic “rules” on any aesthetics/composition/design etc.

Olga Voisnis

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