As long as we avoid eye contact.

September 17, 2018


“…if the body can suggest certain inherent principles of justice and order by which to best organize human life, the body will inevitably inscribe itself into the spaces, architectures, and worlds of human experience. Representations of the human body, we might say, are coded diagrams that collect certain knowledges of the human condition in order to grant access to the ways in which power and space intersect.” Ross Exo Adams

Adams describes how the human constantly strives for change, techniques and better infrastructures. How this shapes the thought of the body, but also how the body and human adapt and create new patterns in the past and modern urbanization. Using technology and knowledge from history, politicians and community planners can improve infrastructure and effect people’s daily lives. Limit or open up new worlds and opportunities.

When the first subway stations were opened in Stockholm in the 1950s, there were great visions and high hopes towards the idea of new modern areas for multi-family housing. The subway was to be an important link between housing, work and city centre.

Today, Stockholm’s subway cars are often loaded beyond capacity and overwhelmed during morning rush. Bodies are tightly pressed together and cooperate in order not to interfere with each other’s integrity. Rarely have a crowded place felt so absent from conversation and interaction. A woman has having a phone meeting with loud voice for everyone to hear. Or is anyone listening? Almost everyone is occupied with their cellphones, constantly connected to a different world.

When the subway cars are almost empty, during office hours or late at night, we choose to sit alone, facing the direction of the train and near the window. Our eyes follow the city’s silhouettes : The water bellow a bridge, an apartment housing and then the bright electric lights in the subway that reflect in the window when we go deep down in the tunnel´s.



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