Information transmission and mass traffic

September 19, 2018

At the beginning of ‘An internet of things’, Keller Easterling said, ‘An ‘internet of things’ describes a world embedded with so many digital devices that the space between them consists not of dark circuitry but rather the space of the city itself. The computer has escaped the box, and ordinary objects in space are carriers of digital signals.’

A world is embedded with so many digital devices and Information transmission is ubiquitous in our lives as intangible infrastructure. Information transmission is the transmission of command or status information from one end to another through a channel and received by the other party. As Keller Easterling said, Any space can be its carrier in the city. This kind of infrastructure also Promotes the interaction between users and other infrastructure.

The use of Information transmission brings great convenience to our daily life. When I was taking a bus in Stockholm for the first time, I found there is a red button on many armrests on the bus which We can easily reach and press. I don not know what this red button is used for at the beginning. When I saw the person sitting in front of me pressed the button next to him and got off at the next stop, I know that this button is used to remind the driver that there are passengers to get off at the next stop. This is a small case of information transmission on the bus which can Promote communication between drivers and passengers without taking. It is the technology of information transmission that makes this design be used on the bus and this design has amounts of advantages, it saves time because if there are no passengers getting off, the driver does not need to stop at the next stop and continue driving.

In Stockholm, this kind of User-friendly design can be seen everywhere. Besides the red buttons, there are almost pedestrian buttons on the crosswalk traffic lights. All of these achievements of humanized design in traffic system need the support of using information transmission. In the future, we can do a lot of effort of using this technology in architecture space to bring more convenience for people and animals.

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