The giants who led the light

September 19, 2018

The figure of the human body has played a consistent role throughout history in both the way space is imagined and how power finds its form. There is a history, yet to be written, in which key representations of the human body at once call into existence and justify certain modes of government while simultaneously suggesting ideal ways to organize the spaces of the world.” Ross Exo Adams

The regular lines of their implantation show us about this system so well organize. Their design, their size give us an idea how complex there are and how we have no hold on. There are the giant electric pillars.

To move, to work, to eat, energy is a necessity. When it doesn’t take place in our own body, energy is working in such building complex system. From his production to his consumption, energy needs infrastructures to exist. Sources of energy could be physical such as petroleum or natural gas, but in another way, it could be more evanescent such as electricity. Even if, we couldn’t see electricity, we see witnesses of the presence of electricity in our everyday life. From the switch on the wall to the electric pillar on the countryside. Electric pillar is taking part to a huge electric system through territory. This system use to follow a strict hierarchy to work correctly. From power plant to city network, it’s called the electric grid. During a bus travel or a road trip, electric pillars appears like landmarks of this sophisticated grid. We don’t really know where it come from and where it goes. Sometimes, we can see a power plant but electric transformers or generators are still a mystery. Electric pillars walk through landscape to bring this magic energy in each cities. They remind us how important is their presence and how we forgot them by habit.


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