Don’t let the highway become the hinder of love

September 20, 2018

minye_task 1

There is a very famous fairy tale about love in China, which tells a pair of couples can only see each other one day a year, because just on that day a bridge made by magpies will appear. And they can see each other by the bridge. As the development of technology and transportation, the distance between lovers is no longer a barrier. If we want, we can see each other at any time. However, there are still some couples can’t see each other at the whole life time today, even some couples will have an accident on their way to find each other. Is it very heartbreaking? Indeed, Highways are dangerous barriers for all sorts of wildlife. If all designs and infrastructures are all for people, what the differences between people and animals in terms of live and love? Therefore, we should also take care of animals to make some infrastructures for them. Maybe, around the world, bridges and tunnels just for animals make it easier for them to migrate, mate, eat, and survive.

“Experts estimate cars in the U.S. collide with large animals over 1 million times per year, costing over $8 billion in repairs and injuries.” To help animals navigate their fast-paced highway systems nature conservationists have started building wildlife bridges and tunnels, designed especially for critters. “In Banff, the combined forces of fences and under/over passes has reportedly reduced the rate of traffic accidents by 80 percent.” But there are still some problems they can’t solve yet. Because we can’t control the direction of every animal, “there also tends to be a pretty high roadkill rate at the ends of the fences. The animals either go one way into the overpass or go to other end and escape around it, and tend to get hit there”, says Richard T. T. Forman.

Therefore, maybe “an internet of things” will be a better attempt to solve the problem. In “The City is not a Tree”, Alexander observed activity in urban space as information. And in “An Internet of Things” written by Keller Easterling, he said, “Far from what may be considered the more obscure experiments of architects, the most consequential architecture in the world has already become information. Still somewhat obscure only because of its overwhelming ubiquity, space is itself an infrastructural technology that is mobile and monetized, traveling around the world as a repeatable phenomenon.”

So, maybe we can combine the animal highway and the internet of things. If every animal can be regarded as a signal source, the highway can be considered as a base station which can collect, sort, classify and analyze the information they get from the animals. And then, people who want to get into the highway will get the information from the base station in their cars, so that they can take some measures to avoid the accident.



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