Connection and Failure

October 9, 2018

Task 2 - failure


Osmins text for me raised the question of where in my whole system gender and maintenance comes in. He has the garage as this example of the man taking care of the house, in my case it feels like the production/engineering side of the production is dominated by men. Where that exactly starts, is it in university or even earlier is unclear. The fact remains that 8 out of the ten people involved in the production of my glasses is male.

The maintenance of my glasses is quite simple, it largely works in either my hands or the hands of the people at the local store in my home town. In the case of failure it does actually show exactly where the network works and where it doesn’t. When the glasses broke, they couldn’t be repaired at my local optician in Switzerland but they had to get sent to Italy. Which in itself is kind of ridiculous, but then again this whole process of me sending them in and them realising that they couldn’t be repaired but they had to make new ones and then sending the new pair back did only take about two weeks. So in the end it did on one hand show how this system works like a well oiled machine but at the same time exposes how each piece of the product is separated from each other and how the people in charge of each piece do not necessarily know how to fix the other. This is of course related to globalisation and specialisation which is happening since Ford invented Fordism and Ikea started to export design all over the world. It does still feel incredible though, that it is apparently cheaper to have different pieces of even just glasses produced in different countries and only assemble them in one place, than to produce the whole product in one place and then also have the expertise of the whole design there.

Task 6
Michaela Ulmann



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