The Signage Guidance System in Public Transportation Space

October 10, 2018



Butler, Judith said, ‘vulnerability is not a subjective disposition, but a relation to a field of objects, forces, and passions that impinge upon or affect us in some way.’ When I saw this sentence the first time, I think it is very interesting because the concept is very abstract. It true that the infrastructural vulnerability is also caused by many complicated reasons, such as the people who use it, the relevant architecture, the operation of the traffic system. I am focusing on studying the wayfinding signage guidance system since the signage guidance system is very important in our daily life but is also usually ignored by people who are not using it.

As an important auxiliary facility in urban public transportation environment, the signage guidance system is often ignored by people. The signage guidance system can connect people in urban complex traffic with public transportation space. It is a powerful information support in the urban public environment, and it is especially important to improve people’s multi-directional discrimination. When we are waiting for the subway in the subway station, we can see the information on the sign board remained us which train will arrive and how long time does the subway arrive. We can also see the indicator in the bus station, subway station or on the road. Just think about what will happen if there is no wayfinding signage guidance in public transportation since Urban traffic environment is gradually developing in a three-dimensional direction. The suitable use of the system will help the stranger get the information he needs in the fastest time in an increasingly complex space.

The beautiful urban rail transit identification system can beautify the visual environment of the rail transit space and create a pleasant and comfortable ride environment. In Stockholm, every subway station is decorated by different types of pattern, in which you can feel the fascination of the city culture. This kind of design is also a good way to help people remember different station. But the wayfinding signage guidance system is not very perfect in Stockholm. For instance, one subway station has several exports, when we get off of the subway we don not know which direction we should go because there is no direction sign which wastes time of passengers from other city. Therefore, there are still much necessity to improve the signage guidance system in public transportation in stockhlom.

The design of the traffic’s signage system is an important part of improving the transportation construction. The effective and standardized public traffic guidance system is the soul of modern traffic guidance. Reducing passengers’ ineffective stay time plays a very important role in the function of rail transit.


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