A parallel world

October 10, 2018

facebookThe computer has escaped the box, and ordinary objects in space are carriers of digital signals. […] It might also be the practical answer to quests by Nicholas Negroponte’s Architecture Machine Group and architects exploring Artificial Intelligence, who rehearse interplay between digital machines and the space of the city and the body—reciprocal modeling that enhances the capacities of each.”

 In the text “An internet of things” Keller Easterling talks about how the computer has escaped the box and that the information it carries is way greater than what we can see within the boundaries of its screen. You could almost see internet as its own world, parallel to the physical one we are living in. This world is expanding incredibly fast and have been ever since the start and today we are almost living in front of a screen of some sort, if it’s not the computer it’s a tv or a smartphone.

Over the last decade social medias has become a remarkably big part of this parallel world. One of today’s most popular social medias is Facebook that was founded in 2004. Since than Facebook has grown from an idea to be a gigantic social platform translated to over 71 different languages and being used by about 2 billion people all over the world.

Today most people, with a few exceptions have some kind of relation to social media, whether it’s Facebook or anyone else. In one way we have shifted our focus from the physical world to the world of internet constantly being connected to these social platforms, for good and for bad. The possibilities emerged from Facebook are endless, being able to connect with people from different parts of the world, being active in different kinds of communities and make new friends alike to you are just a few among many examples. But, you can’t disregard the negative parts, that you can follow someone’s life and learn anything about anyone just by looking at their Facebook page. Today we don’t have to meet and talk to our friends to update each other of what is going on in our lives, we can just have a look online.

/Amelie Norén

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