Components’ influence on customers’ experience

October 10, 2018

task 3 drawing

It appears that the first store fitting rooms appeared with the spread of department stores. Émile Zola noted their existence in his novel Au Bonheur des Dames (1883), and that they were then forbidden to men. Some years later, when Henri Gervex, who painted Jeanne Paquin in 1906, that was no longer the case.


“There is no such thing as an equipment: there is a constellation of equipments: just as, in and of itself, there is no such thing as a city, but a constellation of cities. Collective equipments in the plural form, given by the English translation of Lysa Hochroth, captures Guattari’s and Deleuze’s notion that the city is always multiple; it consists in aggregate structures such as highways, schools, and city buildings.”

Fitting rooms are consist of a series of components and influenced by them in different ways and aspects, also are connected with numbers of same units. Like other infrastructure, fitting rooms shall be plural form as well.

As the internationalization goes by, differences in style, fabric and quality of clothing are getting smaller. In this way, customers care more about how it looks like when dressing which means dressing part is more important.

Different components can provide different experience and the most important part of the components in fitting room is the partition between the room and the public space. Normally the partition is door which can be either lockable or always unlocked. Door with a lock provides the highest level of privacy and it can be reduced without lock or with a gap where people can see if there is anyone in the fitting room. Also the partition can be made of fabric, which has sense of design but less privacy.

The area of the fitting room usually is approximately 1.5 square meters which is a balance between cost and convenience. They want to use more space to display their products. However, some fitting rooms in more advanced store occupy more area because of the issue of money is secondary.

Some furniture is also necessary in the fitting room considering people need to try trousers, it makes it easy for customers. What’s more, some hooks shall be placed beside the chair so that customers can put clothes properly.

Another predominant component in the fitting room is glass which helps customers to understand what they look like. In order to have a full view, the glass should have enough size and distance to the customers.

The quality of the fitting room is also dominated by the light inside because inappropriate light can influence the color and texture of the fabric. To ensure the reality during dressing, fluorescent lamp is required to present the real color.

All parts of components should be focused because altogether they form a simple but integrated system providing stable service for customers.


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