Infrastructural Love

October 11, 2018

04 Love _ LayoutHi love,

I’ve been thinking so much about you lately. When I’m not with you, I miss being in the warmth of you shelter. It always amazes me how our meetings take us to all these various interesting places, both in actual time and space, and in our minds. Together with you I feel vibrant, alive. Open to see new things in life.

Sometimes we experience trouble, like all couples do. We see things in different ways and want to do things differently, but most of the time we can compromise and solve our problems and differences. And by doing that, it makes me feel closer to you. Makes me feel more certain that I want you, even need you, in my life.

We both have our good and bad sides. I know I’m late to our meetings sometimes, but you always stand there waiting for me patiently with open arms. Well, sometimes it takes a while before you let me in to your warmth, but that is understandable. You have a lot of things to tend to, not just me and my time optimism. I know you have a large social network which is important to you, and your social side is something I really appreciate about you. You are so open to different kinds of people and rarely too quick to judge someone.

I know you sometimes have bodily issues like problems with your joints and your metabolism, especially when you are under pressure, and that can make you a bit grumpy. But I promise you I will try even harder to be kind and patient with you at those times when you probably need it the most. We all have our bad days.

I don’t think I say this enough, but I love you so much. You are one of the most kind, tolerant and trustworthy creatures I have ever met. You challenge me, surprise me and make me see things in new ways. I hope we will continue to develop ourselves and our relationship, grow old together and always be there for each other. Through good and bad, ups and downs.

Yours truly, Helena


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