Embodied existence

November 7, 2018

“We cannot talk about a body without knowing what supports that body, and what its relation to that support – or lack of support – might be. In this way, the body is less an entity than a relation […] In this way the dependency on human and other creatures on infrastructural support exposes a specific vulnerability that we have when we are unsupported…”

“So the street is not always the site that we can take for granted as the

public ground for certain kinds of public assemblies; the street, as public space and thoroughfare, is also a public good for which people fight – an infrastructural necessity that forms one of the demands of certain forms of popular mobilization.”

Judith Butler discusses in the text “Rethinking Vulnerability and Resistance” the street as a public space and problematize how we take it for granted as the public ground for certain activities. She is also discussing the body as an entity and how we cannot talk about a body without knowing its support. Public space and the body are two important subjects that easily can be problematized when it comes to social medias and how it has come to be used by a certain group of people.

On Facebook a large amount of different communities, groups and pages exists, all of them talking to different kinds of people with different interests and preferences. Some of these groups and pages are open for the public and some of them are closed and you need to be approved to get in, and some of them are offering anonymity. Most of these groups are harmless, just a digital meeting place for people to discuss a specific subject, ask question and maybe get help with a problem. This is a way for people to meet new friends or to simply realize they are not alone.

Facebook have about 2 billion users and carries endless of information about these people which in itself of course is vulnerable. Among all these people, groups and pages there are another side, people with an agenda, sometimes hidden and sometimes obvious. One among multiple problems are when these social medias are used for people to spread propaganda with a racist, sexist etc. purpose. Another social problem that has expanded lately is bullying, a problem that earlier were limited to school environment have now expanded to social medias and Facebook which make it hard for you to escape and your home is no longer a safe zone.

The fact that you can be safe in your home behind a screen makes it easy for people, anonymous or not to write and post and spread all kinds of things, weather you mean it or not, to a person you may know or not. Because you are safe behind your screen.


Amelie Norén

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