Social components and boundaries

November 7, 2018

“But when one draws a boundary it may be for various kinds of reasons. If I surround an area with a fence or a line or otherwise, the purpose may be to prevent someone from getting in or out; but may also be part of a game and the players be supposed, say, to Jump over the boundary; or it may Show where the property of one man ends and that of another begins; and So on. So, if I draw a boundary line that is not yet to say what I am drawing it for.”

— Ludwig Wittgenstein

The quote above is an abstract from the text “Boundary line Infrastructure” by Ronald Rael. Boundaries are a necessity in life, whether it’s a physical boundary like a fence surrounding a property or an emotional boundary you set up for yourself. We need the emotional boundaries to protect our self and our feelings and be able to stand up for what you believe in as well as physical boundaries to understand where we can and cannot walk.

The same concept exists on Facebook and other social medias, in some extension. You decide on your own what kind of information you want to share on your profile and to whom you want to show it. Some information you might want to be public, some information you want to share with your friends only and some parts you might want to keep to yourself. You can basically share everything or nothing on Facebook, connect your profile to Spotify and share what kind of music you listen to, publish your location to share where you are and publish what kind of events you’re attending.

These kinds of boundaries are applied all over Facebook. Most of the groups and communities are open to anyone to join and take part of what is written and shared on the wall. There are also many closed groups that you have to apply to be able to join, these groups are often created for a specific type of people or people with a specific interest. Anyone can still apply and it’s probably hard for admin to decide whether the applicant is appropriate to participate in the group or not, but as easy as it is to be accepted in a group as easy it is for you to be removed if you misbehave. For admin it is easier to keep a decent climate among the members in a closed group, often relatively small since admin are in control on what is being published compared to a open group that often have thousands of members.


Amelie Norén

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