Unrequited Love

November 7, 2018

FB-message, updated

The love letter is in the form of a Facebook message, where the receiver is the public toilets of Stockholm. This way of instant communication seemed appropriate and fitting in this context. Menstruators often encounter public toilets, whether they want to or not, as public toilets become a reliability. A Facebook message is rarely written to a stranger, but rather someone one has some sort of a relationship with. The relationship between the menstruator and public toilet can be seen as a non-mutual, destructive one. The anthropomorphic terms, the public toilet has been playing hard to get and has repeatedly let the menstruator down. However, it has not communicated that with the menstruator, making them believe it is their own fault by taking advantage of the taboo of menstruation. When writing the message, the menstruator realises that the public toilet needs to conform to their demands, rather than the other way around. The menstruator realises that their love was in vain, because it was, and always will be, unrequited, unless the public toilet changes.


04_Infrastructural Love_Sara Sako

Public sanitation access in Stockholm

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