Invisible Infrastructure over boarders

November 9, 2018

Task 1


In the case of my glasses there is a whole infrastructure behind the actual object involved. Only in the product line there are 4 countries and at least 10 people taking part in the actual produciton. First there is the optician in my home town, where I get to choose the model and colour of my glasses and who assesses my eye deficiency. He will send that data to the glass production company in germany, who will produce the glass. The data of the Frame with my choice of colour gets sent to Italy where the designers approve and send it into production. The wood for my glasses comes from france and the whole thing will be assembled back in Switzerland. So this small piece of Support Structure that helps me see has already been in 4 countries before it even reaches me the first time.

But also before that, the whole concept of these glasses, where you can choose the colours of the wood yourself had to come from somewhere. This comes from the company Feb 31st which was founded by three italian designers of whom two have studied in Rome and one in Paris. Their company now though is in Milan. The CNC Mill they use for most of their production was made by german engineers and is now also situated in Milan. And they have grown big through their online shop which now reaches as far up as Appenzell in Switzerland. The actual glass  in my glasses is measured by my optician who has studied at ETH in Zürich, but the Data gets sent to german specialists who cut out the glass with a machine that was first introduced in Switzerland. All of this is mostly unknown and I only uncovered it by asking all the different parties. The network of where my glasses and all the knowledge to actually produce them is much wider cast than I originally thought. And all of it to in the end hold this highly specific and personalised product.

Task 2




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