To my dearest Safn

November 13, 2018

Hi dearest Safn,

I know it has been a while since I visited and I just wanted you to know that I miss you and think about you often. Some days I miss you more than others but it is hard not to have you always by my side, within reach, and available while I face all sorts of new challenges and adventures. I could use your guidance now and I miss your welcoming arms, that were unfailingly a great comfort to me.

While I’ve been away my mind wanders to our wonderful time together, and all your different qualities, which I never mentioned when I had the chance but I want you to know that I’m aware of and they are a great part of my love for you.

I admire your infinite thirst for knowledge and information, your passion for storing all sorts of books, booklets, papers, magazines and other prints. I remember some of them annoying me before, but you always seem to make space for and need more, and I now see how silly my frustration over a few stacks of papers was.

You also have the rare quality of meeting every single person on their terms, without judgment or reservation, and trying to help them, guide, support and convey information and knowledge whatever they might be after.  Sometimes I think you are even too open and unassuming, always believing the best of your guests and never second guessing them or think that they might be up to no good but I love you still. Some say you are getting old fashioned, and losing your touch of grasping and conveying information. I know you are trying to keep up and know deep down that you will succeed because people like me, and society, in general, need someone like you.

Miss you, and hope to be reunited with you one day, and maybe even bringing something to add to your collection someday and become a part of your treasures.

Your bibliophile always




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