Infrastructure for animals itself is vulnerable

November 25, 2018

minye_task 2

The scene of vulnerability is one in which there is always a force field to which any creature is exposed, and that includes both humans and their animal counterparts. (…) It names a set of relations between sensate beings and the force field of objects, organizations, life processes, and institutions that constitute the very possibility of livable life.


Just as the highway names the relations between human beings and the travel mode, entertainment quality, work efficiency and so on. Therefore, from some views, the highway indeed makes our transport and communication more convenient than before. Maybe, we cannot realize the convenience it gives us, but once the holidays are coming, thousands of people travel from the highway so that it is completely paralyze. At that time, people can deeply realize the influence of our travel mode which the highway gives us.


However, all these conveniences and influences are just from our view. We never ever think about the thoughts of animals. What are the influences towards their habitat, organization and life processes? These highways even some vehicle roads through the forest rapid increase death rates of wild animals. Not only that, but as cars take over paths that used to belong to the wild, moving through space as a rodent, a lizard, or something higher up the food chain can turn deadly, fast. Besides, long-term geographical isolation may cause changes in the living habits of species and eventually result in reproductive isolation. All these influences may cause the ecological imbalance so that they will destabilize the earth.


Therefore, we can build a series of highways for different kinds of animals according to their different habits, such as bridges for deer, caves for badgers, pipes for fishes and tubes for frogs. These infrastructures for animals are usually very vulnerable, since they are really scarce and not many people know the function of them. Fortunately, there are already some good attempts for us, “In Oregon and Washington, culverts built under roads that traverse bodies of water have been widened to divert more than just fish. In Brisbane, Australia, above the infamously dangerous Compton Road, three canopy bridges woven from heavy rope allow gliders and possums to swing through the sky.”


Basing on these attempts, we can even go further about them. Maybe we can attach some recording instruments to these animal highways and use the computer system to analyze animals’ travel footprints, so that we can feedback the information to the people who want to drive through the road and they can pay more attention to the animals. Moreover, we can also use these highways to intervene the migration of some endangered wild animals in order to save them better.

Minye Zhang


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