4. Fiction! [ a love letter to my chosen infrastructure]

November 28, 2018

Dear Camera,

I thought of writing a letter to You, a love letter actually, to show You my appreciation of Your presence in my life, in all our lives. But how to start? What to say? You are so protective, so observant and register all about us in the public space. Down there on the ground, You see the little kid playing with his dog, the old ladies sitting on the bench, me in a hurry to catch the bus. So caring, and always awake, never giving up on monitoring our lives in the district. Thanks so much for making my walk through the neighborhood safe. Thank You for making the criminals move to another place, they must be somewhere, but not where I am anymore. My grandmother said I should write a poem for You, so I did, For Camera it’s called: 

For Camera

Your only and enigmatic eye,
darker and deeper than then the Lake
we were afraid of diving into
in the late summers, when we were kids
– shimmering, like You’re alive

High up in the sky, from a yellow brick facade
overlooking public space, focusing
on me 
running for the bus.

I feel the warmth
of Your tenderness,
Your care.
– I know You register my every step
within your field of view.
I’m captured by Your only

What do You think of it? Do You like being the subject of human appreciation? Do You long for being updated with new software, so that You can make calculations of the things You see and record? I can imagine that. Then You could guard us even better, like a true AI – robot. Maybe guide us to? Please be patient, the engineers and programmers work as fast as they can to develop new editions of You. And the Police love You already, as You are. Even many citizens do. Yet some protest. I will always love You though, but probably I will love Your replacement even more. But no need to worry Camera, You won’t remember anything of this. But I will remember You, always.

/ M


TASK 4: Write a love letter to Your chosen infrastructure.
// Maria Olsson Eklund


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