Happy cycling

November 28, 2018


Happiness If we learn from the promissory nature of happiness, we learn that happiness is about how some things are made into goods, before we happen upon them.


Sara Ahmed, ‘Happy Objects’, in The Promise of Happiness, Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2010.


Stockholm is a big metropolis with a large major part of citizen using bicycles as daily transportation. No one can deny that the bicycle system completely changed the way that the citizens negotiated the city. The comprehensive bicycle network throughout Stockholm that enabled the system to start moving and commuting freely. Bicycle lanes were constructed where they didn’t exist and where they did, were returned to the domain of the most people.

It is a good action which people feel happiness from. Happy objects could be described simply as those objects that affect us in the best way. We can find the separation from the vehicle to keep us safe. We can see the light on the lane to let us see. These things has just become part of our daily life. These details called objects not only embody good feeling, they come to embody the good life.

However, every coin have two sides. We could say that our biographies are biographies of likes and dislikes. If we are made happy by different things, then we are affected by different things differently or we are affected by same things differently. We are scared when we walk on the sidewalk which is separated from bike lane by a single line. We are annoyed when we need climbing a bridge to cross a road. In this way, we can assume that the relationship between an object and feeling involves causality

The bicycle system is both an object and circulates through objects. It is something that affects us, and in the meanwhile something we are directed toward.


Task 5 Jiameng Li

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